Kit réparation Team pour TM15

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RP03181: Kit réparation team pour TM15   Inclus :  • Ball Detent Springs and Assembly • Grip, Frame, and Trigger Set Screws • Trigger Springs • Various O-Rings, Bolts and Springs • Poppets with Springs and O-Rings • Solenoid Screws and Air Transfer O-Rings • Battery Wire Harnesses • Wire Harness Guide • Bolt Rubber Tips and Bolt Guide Retention Screws • Stock Cover Plates • Battery Doors • Regulator Adjustment Screws • Shell Screws • Shell Hex Nuts • Selector Shaft and Arm • Regulator Filter and Pin Valve Opener • Lower and Upper Tube Adaptor O-Rings • Solenoid Pistons, Collars, Caps, and Spacers

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